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Past (10 years ago)
How Ink Is Made
43 comments (www.youtube.com)
MOOC Completion Rates
28 comments (www.katyjordan.com)
The Rise Of The Artist
156 comments (techgnotic.deviantart.com)
Vim users: stop using hjkl
211 comments (vimcasts.org)
SymPy makes math fun again
86 comments (wordsandbuttons.online)
How domains became backwards
37 comments (david.newgas.net)
Write Yourself a Haskell in Lisp
13 comments (gergo.erdi.hu)
Command Line Accounting With Ledger and Reckon
27 comments (blog.andrewcantino.com)
16×16 Pixel Art Tutorial
56 comments (www.photonstorm.com)
Industrial Mathematics
19 comments (www.the-adam.com)
How to program if you are blind
33 comments (stackoverflow.com)
Let's write a setjmp
97 comments (nullprogram.com)
64 comments (en.wikipedia.org)
Silurian Hypothesis
60 comments (en.wikipedia.org)
My review of the C standard library in practice
114 comments (nullprogram.com)
Solar panels disguised as terracotta tiles in Pompeii
139 comments (www.theartnewspaper.com)
Pixel Art Tutorial
38 comments (makegames.tumblr.com)
How to achieve 4 flops per cycle?
14 comments (stackoverflow.com)
ESA – Space Suit Design Competition
64 comments (ideas.esa.int)
How to Paint Like Hayao Miyazaki
87 comments (animationobsessive.substack.com)
Why Is Everyone So Boring?
126 comments (www.overcomingbias.com)
A look inside the Final Fantasy 7 Game Engine [pdf]
22 comments (q-gears.sourceforge.net)
The Turn (1993)
23 comments (www.theatlantic.com)
Three charts are all I need
34 comments (37signals.com)
Submarine Cable Map 2013
10 comments (submarine-cable-map-2013.telegeography.com)
Write simply (2021)
168 comments (www.paulgraham.com)
Is AM radio dead?
334 comments (www.jeffgeerling.com)
Blogging is not dying anytime soon
104 comments (dariusforoux.com)
Features Unique to Opera Browser
17 comments (www.slashgeek.net)
Google Conway's Game of Life
11 comments (www.google.com)
198 comments (fail0verflow.com)
OldSF – Pictures of San Francisco from 1850-2000
22 comments (www.oldsf.org)
Show HN: Names
112 comments (joostjansen.me)
Make up a guy
168 comments (www.antipope.org)
Meet a Shenzhen Maker: Mr. Chen
55 comments (www.hoektronics.com)
Do Animals in Chernobyl’s Fallout Zone Glow?
29 comments (www.slate.com)
Hello, PNG
155 comments (www.da.vidbuchanan.co.uk)
Screenshots as the Universal API
90 comments (matt-rickard.com)
Edison's revenge
19 comments (www.economist.com)
I have finally run the entire London Underground
27 comments (harrystuberunners.blogspot.co.uk)
ssh whoami.filippo.io
79 comments (words.filippo.io)
Suckless Philosophy and Manifesto
33 comments (suckless.org)
Mosh: the mobile shell
89 comments (mosh.mit.edu)
Quantum gas goes below absolute zero
64 comments (www.nature.com)
Infinite AI Array
108 comments (ianbicking.org)
The strangest computer manual ever written
109 comments (ironicsans.substack.com)
Inception Explained – HTML + CSS Experiment
26 comments (www.inception-explained.com)
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